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Castells benefits

All our products are specially made to add flavor and color to your creations.

In addition to our line products, we develop flavors and colors according to your needs.

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Our Products

Vanillas, Colorants, Flavorings, Natural Extracts

We have different categories to cover every need, we guarantee a high quality in all our products
so that your customers have the best experience.

Our products have the following:

Attributes and Benefits

  • 2 types of Vanilla with different presentations.
  • +10 types of Colorants with different presentations.
  • +10 types of Flavorings with different presentations.
  • Great quality in each product.
  • They can be used in drinks, desserts and different dishes.
  • The handling of each product is very simple.
  • +60 years of experience in the creation of flavors, colorings and vanillas.
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